Vermont Sport & Fitness Club: Annual Adult Gym Membership

1. Review Base Plan

This membership is valid for one year from date of joining. It includes full club access: weight room, cardio room, classes, basketball court, and pool.Also includes orientations with a trainer to learn equipment. (Additional fees for use of tennis court, locker rental.)

Joining fees include a $55 startup fee the first year, $693 annual membership fee, and tax.

(Note for Former Members: if you get an error because of a duplicate member, modify your last name by adding a number to it. This will allow you to sign up and we'll fix it in our system afterward.)

Monthly 1st Payment


Amount Due Today



Down Payment




Startup Fee $55.00 $0 $0.00 0
Annual Adult $693.00 $0 $0.00 0
Sub-Total $748.00 $0
Tax $52.36 $0.00
Total $800.36 $0